Car Racing concerns – a way you can help!

Councillors have been receiving a number of complaints from residents in relation to cars racing along the Radial Distributor Road leading to the yet to be opened Generals Lane Bridge on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Council is in liaison with both the Police and the Chelmsford City Council Community Safety team regarding these concerns.

However, it has become clear that residents can play an important part in making sure that this issue receives due attention from the Police which is to make sure that you report any issues and concerns in relation to the car racing to the Police using the 101 phone service.  It is particularly useful if you are able to report the issue when it is actually taking place.

Another way of contacting the Police is via their online reporting system which you can access at the link below by clicking on the words ‘Essex Police website’ and you will see a blue button on the bottom left of the screen which says ‘live chat’.

Let’s work together to try and address this issue!

Essex Police website