Council Members
Councillor Andrew Wright

Ward: North

Andrew Wright

Councillor (Chair)

I have lived on the Channels development since December 2017 however I have lived in the surrounding area all my life (Boreham then Springfield) and have seen significant changes over the years.

I like to be out doing sporty things and I love skiing, windsurfing, sailing, cycling, swimming & running. I have represented the British Triathlon Age Group Team twice (2017 & 2018) and the Chelmsford Garden Community location is well suited to all manner of outdoor activities.

We have a unique opportunity to build a strong community across the new Chelmsford Garden Community area and I believe it is vital that residents have the chance and are empowered to make a difference to where they live and this is what the new Council is all about.

There are many complexities that will present a challenge for the new Council, not least that of stewardship and the different responsibilities that various stakeholders across the area have. We do however have a genuine chance to do something different, to focus on placemaking and to take a lead as the hub of the community in realising the vision for the Chelmsford Garden Community.