Council Members
Councillor Cynthia Driver

Ward: South

Cynthia Driver

Councillor (South Ward)

Cynthia is a Councillor representing the south ward.  She is also a member of the Communications committee and also the planning committee of which she is chair.

You may contact Cynthia  by clicking on the envelope under her photograph on this page.

You may view Cynthia’s  register of interests on the Chelmsford City Council website at the link below

Register of Interests

Cynthia provides the following information for residents:

I’ve lived in Chelmsford for the past 22 years, with the past 4 being in Channels. This community holds a special place in my heart, and I deeply cherish its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

I have 2 grown up sons and our loving dog. Most days, you can find me enjoying a long walk with my dog. My husband and I share a deep passion for nature, often embarking on hiking holidays to connect with the great outdoors. It is precisely this aspect that has endeared Channels to me even more, as it feels close to nature.

I aspire to contribute to this community’s growth and maintain its reputation as a friendly, clean, and welcoming area. I believe that by actively participating in community initiatives, engaging with fellow residents, and collaborating on projects, we can collectively nurture and enhance the unique spirit that defines Chelmsford Garden Community.