Council policies

Council policies

On this page you can view the Policies and Procedures of Chelmsford Garden Community Council (CGCC)

Governance and Financial Management

The Standing Orders are the rules for the Conduct of meetings and may be viewed below

CGCC Standing orders

Certain matters are delegated to officers

CGCC Scheme of Delegation

As CGCC deals with public money it has a set of Financial Regulations and other policies which you can view below

CGCC Financial Regulations

CGCC Reserves Policy

CGCC Investment Policy

Joining the Council

Occasionally, vacancies occur at the Council and there is a policy in relation to how a person may join the Council

CGCC Co-option policy

Working with the Community

CGCC is keen to promote equality of opportunity for those who both work for or deal with the Council

CGCC Equal opportunities policy

The Council also administers a small grant scheme for Community Groups and the policy for this scheme can be viewed below and the process is explained in more detail on the Grants page of this website

CGCC Grant policy

The Council is keen to engage with all sections of the Community and policies relating to this can be viewed below

CGCC Communication policy

CGCC Media Policy

The Council is a statutory consultee in relation to planning matters and the policies relating to that may be viewed below

CGCC planning policy

CGCC policy on developer engagement

Behaviour and Complaints:

All Councillors are obliged to follow the Code of Conduct which you can view below

CGCC Councillor Code of Conduct

You can also view the Registers of Interest for each Councillor on the Chelmsford City Council website

Please note that if you have a complaint against a Councillor it should be reported to the monitoring officer at Chelmsford City Council.

If you have a complaint against the Council you may follow the procedures set out in the CGCC Complaint Policy

CGCC Complaints Procedure

CGCC Vexatious or Persistent Complainants Policy

Management of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 required all Parish Councils to adopt a publication scheme to be approved by the Information Commissioner.  CGCC has adopted the model scheme which can be downloaded below.  The Publication scheme sets out the types of information that the Council will make available as a matter of normal business and much of the information is available on this website.

CGCC FOI scheme

The Council takes your privacy seriously and you can view the Data Protection policy below:

CGCC Data Protection Policy

It also has procedures to manage information that it holds

CGCC Document management policy

Other policies

CGCC Training and Development Policy

CGCC Dignity at Work Policy

CGCC Health and Safety Policy

CCGG Biodiversity statement