Channels Residents Community Group

Category: Social Unity

Mission Statement
To develop and maintain an all-inclusive, healthy and vibrant community through involvement with residents who want to make a positive difference to where they live.

By getting involved with people who want to discuss common concerns or local issues, we can make a difference to where we live. One way of achieving this is by working together with other people in the neighbourhood via a Community Group. The CRCG primarily works with, and on behalf of, all residents that live within the ‘red line’ boundary of the Channels development which covers Eagle Rise, Aqua Verde, The Lanes, Pompadour, The Lakes and Wimbush Waters.

Over the last two years, the Community Group has led projects to install a Community Defibrillator, build a Platinum Jubilee Beacon in Channels Park and has been involved in the Channels Public Art Project as well as running community activities and events.