Update following meeting between this Council and the Land Trust

Chelmsford Garden Community Council continues to represent the concerns of residents and to engage with local stakeholders.  In particular, this week and online meeting was held with representatives of the Land Trust including its Chief Executive Officer regarding their management of Land across Beaulieu and the Council would like to update you regarding the issues discussed:

Litter: Following complaints from residents the issue of litter in the area managed by the Land Trust was discussed and the Land Trust will be giving consideration to how to address the issue which will include whether there is a need for more bins and possibly any changes to the arrangements for litter picking or bin emptying.

Events: The Council has organised events which will be taking place next to the Land Trust cabin including Play in the Park on 4th April and 25th August 2024 and also a dog event on 23rd March 2024 which will be publicised by both this Council and the Land Trust.  The Land Trust will be organising Green Angel events and will provide the Council with a schedule of further events this year shortly.

Service Charge: Councillors asked the CEO of the Land Trust to provide an explanation regarding the model of service charge and the concerns that there is a subsidy at present from Countryside Vistry and the impact upon residents costs once that subsidy ceases.  The CEO explained that to comply with planning requirements there is a substantial amount of landscaping work being carried out by the developer and it was felt that it would be unfair to impose those extra costs upon residents, hence the subsidy from Countryside.  It is expected that once that work has been completed and more people move into the houses and the subsidy ceases there will not be any significant impact upon the service charge which should remain at around its current costs.  The CEO advised that all money paid by residents stays in this community.

Councillors suggested that it would be beneficial for residents to receive more of an explanation and updates from the Land Trust in relation to their service charge and the CEO agreed.  It was mentioned that there are ‘surgeries’ held for residents by the Land Trust.

Community Gardens:  A representative from the Land Trust provided an update on the progress of the scheme.  A landscape architect has now been appointed with a view to putting together designs and it is hoped that information can be made available to both the Council and residents in April 2024 and a formal planning application submitted in May.  It is hoped that the actual work can be carried out in September/October with a view to the gardens being in a position to be cultivated in Spring 2025.

2nd February 2024