The Great Park and Rights of Way Information

Queries have arisen regarding the use of ‘The Great Park’ in front of New Hall School and Chelmsford Garden Community Council has obtained clarity from Chelmsford City Council as to how it may be accessed by residents.  Also in this article you can find out more about rights of way generally.

The Great Park

Estate Parkland is provided on land either side of the tree lined avenue to New Hall School.  To compensate for the erosion of the setting of the Grade I listed building that is New Hall and other listed groups arising from the Beaulieu development a Landscape Design and Management Plan details a number of practical measures including how the parkland will be set out and the developer had to meet obligations as to planting to establish an estate parkland landscape.

Chelmsford City Council will ultimately be adopting and managing the entire estate parkland.  However only part of the area will be accessible by the general public. On the plan below you will be able to see the area of public parkland which is accessible to the public shown shaded lilac.

On the plan shown below you will be able to see the area of the Great Park being the Estate parkland in orange.  This will be managed by Chelmsford City Council as private parkland probably with grazing cattle.  The boundary between the two areas is delineated with estate fencing such that all land within the fence perimeter is not publicly accessible.

Rights of Way

Also for your information you can see a separate plan below which shows all the pedestrian and cycle routes to the new station and shows how they connect with existing and grade controlled crossing on White Hart Lane and Springfield.  Please note that cycle routes are routes that are shared between pedestrians and cyclists.