Welcome to the website of the elected local government for the new Chelmsford Garden Community Council. Following the outcome of a recent Community Governance Review (“CGR”) undertaken by Chelmsford City Council, two new local councils, namely Chelmer Village Council and Chelmsford Garden Community Council will be formally created, on 1st April 2023. More information about this process can be found on the City Council website:

At present the Chelmsford Garden Community Council is not a formally constituted body however Chelmsford City Council has created a Shadow body which is currently undertaking preparation in advance of the new Council becoming legally constituted.

The Community Council will consist of 13 elected members across 4 wards and will be responsible for key community assets such as the Beaulieu Community Centre.

Chelmsford Garden Community Council has a bold ambition to be part of developing and maintaining an all-inclusive, healthy and vibrant community through involvement with residents who want to make a positive difference to where they live.

This website will be developed over the coming months to ensure that the local population has easy access to important updates and information about both the Council and Chelmsford Garden Community in general however there is some further information on the About Page to get started with.

Andrew Wright
Chair, Chelmsford Garden Community Shadow Council