Parish Wards

Parish Wards

Chelmsford Garden Community Ward Map showing North, East, South & South East WardsChelmsford Garden Community Council covers a large geographical area that has been split into 4 wards as the Parish is spread across more than one existing City ward:

North, East, South and South-East.

This was as a result of a City Council led Community Governance Review in 2022 which recommended that existing Parish boundaries should be amended to form a new Parish called Chelmsford Garden Community from 1st April 2023.

Number of Councillors: 13 (from May 2023)

Chelmsford Garden Community New Parish Area

Chelmsford Garden Community Parish was created by adjusting existing parish boundaries such that the areas shaded on the ‘New Parish’ map moved to the new parish.

Broadly the changes to existing parish areas are Little Waltham Parish (Yellow to North Ward), Broomfield Parish (Orange to North Ward), Boreham Parish (Pink to East Ward), and Springfield Parish (Green to South Ward and Grey to South East Ward).

You can view an interactive map detailing the current arrangements and initial proposals for changes to Polling Districts to reflect the new Parish Boundaries.

The ward maps currently shown on our website, including the interactive map linked to above,¬† reference a North East Ward. The legal order which created Chelmsford Garden Community Council formally named this area the East Ward and as such this name will be used. The visual maps will be updated in due course however anything that shows ‘North-East’ should be read as ‘East’.