Report a Highway problem

Report a Highway problem

If you wish to report a highway defect then the quickest way to do so is by using the online portal on the Essex County Council website as you will be provided with a reference number to track the issue and it will be reported direct to the relevant team for attention.

Issues you can report include:

Potholes and road damage including damage to drain covers

problems with lights and signage

Streetlight problems

Trees hedges and weeds

issues with public rights of way

You can use the link below to submit your report

Report a highway issue to Essex County Council

Please note that Essex County Council can only deal with issues upon adopted highways.   This Council is therefore putting together a page which will identify the owner of other assets (it may be a developer or management company) and whilst this is being developed you can ask a question of the Executive Officer of Chelmsford Garden Community Council by emailing her at