Our First Anniversary

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Celebrating 1 year anniversary


Chelmsford Garden Community Council


Chelmsford Garden Community is one year old!

On April 1st, 2023, the Chelmsford Garden Community Council came into existence,
marking the beginning of a new era for community governance in the vibrant
neighbourhoods of Beaulieu and Channels in Chelmsford. Now, as the Council
approaches its first birthday on April 1st, 2024, it is proud to reflect on its
accomplishments and share its vision for the future.

Comprising thirteen resolute councillors and supported by an Executive Officer, the
Chelmsford Garden Community Council has swiftly established itself as a driving
force for community cohesion and representation in the area. Recently, the Council
welcomed the appointment of a Community Engagement Manager, further
enhancing its ability to connect with residents and foster meaningful participation in
local decision-making processes.

Emerging proposals for development include the development of four new villages
within the Chelmsford Garden Community, offering a holistic mix of residential
spaces, businesses, leisure and community facilities, schools, and even a railway
station. Already, the Chelmsford Garden Community boasts Essex’s first all-through
school for ages 5-18 years. A new health centre is also under construction to add to
local facilities including shops and a Community Centre. The area is well served with
open spaces and play areas as well.

As this area expands the Council wishes to support residents in a variety of ways
and the Council has recently published its long-term strategy statement with a
headline setting out that the Council is ‘Working to build a spirit of Community so that
our area is a vibrant place to live, work within and visit and make your Forever Home’.
It goes on to say, ‘For Chelmsford Garden Community Council to be central to a
thriving community where people wish to live as part of a connected and sustainable
area with the needs and wellbeing of residents central to its decision making.’

There is obviously a lot to do but the Council celebrates its successes over the last 12
months which include:

Raising the awareness of the new Council by holding drop-in sessions for
residents so that they can raise their issues with Councillors direct.
Setting up a website and social media accounts which are now being driven
forward by the Council’s new Community Engagement Manager so that
residents are aware of information, events and services provided not just by
this Council but by other local organisations too.

Hosting a number of events such as Community Safety events in
collaboration with the Police and Chelmsford City Council, a Dog event and
the forthcoming D Day commemoration event and considering what events
will be beneficial for residents in the future.

Collaborating with local partners including the Police, the school, the Land
Trust, organisations that support local activities and the Community Centre to
consider what is required in our area and how it may be delivered.

Making representations to other public sector organisations to put forward
views for example, in relation to planning applications and attending
engagement events such as the Railway Station Taskforce meetings.

Engaging with the Police to make sure they are aware of concerns in relation
to local crime and addressing what other actions could be taken, for example
the Council is promoting the Special Constable scheme and is keen to attract
volunteers for the role in our area.

Engaging with developers to understand their plans moving forward and how
the community may engage as our area develops.

Also engaging with developers to work on plans regarding Stewardship and
how land and assets may be managed and cared for.

Working on a strategy to engage with young people in our area. Also
engaging with the schools to launch a poetry competition for young people.

Collaborating with local partners including the Police, the school, the Land
Trust, organisations that support local activities and the Community Centre to
consider what is required in our area and how it may be delivered.

As you can see the ethos of the Chelmsford Garden Community is rooted in resident
participation and leadership, with a strong emphasis on promoting health and well
being. Through community engagement and collaborative initiatives, the Council
aims to create a nurturing environment where individuals and families can thrive as
the community grows and to listen to and represent the issues raised by residents in
this emerging community.

Reflecting on the Council’s inaugural year, Chair Andrew Wright stated, “As we
celebrate our first anniversary, we are immensely proud of what we have achieved
together. The formation of the Chelmsford Garden Community Council marks a
significant milestone in our journey towards supporting a sustainable and inclusive
community. We are grateful for the support and engagement of our residents and
look forward to continuing our work together.”

As the Chelmsford Garden Community Council embarks on its second year, it
remains steadfast in its dedication to serving the needs of the community and
realizing its vision for a sustainable future.

We will be holding new events throughout the year.
For more information about the Chelmsford Garden Community Council and its
events please visit:
Our Facebook page: Facebook
Website: Chelmsford Garden Community Council – Essex, England

Or contact us at:

Clerk/Executive Officer Suzanne Walker: Mobile- 07495473240